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Teajai (T J) Kimsey began having fun on the internet in 1996 playing around in chat rooms and making websites on places like "GeoCities." She was quickly hooked and by 1999 started developing commercial websites on a part time basis. By 2001 she gained the interest of an angel investor and was able to move to an office and hire employees.

Our humble beginnings as Beyond Web Design, grew out of Teajai's love of the internet and passion for helping Beyond Web Design Logocompanies understand how the internet could work for them.

Side note: In high school Teajai would have been voted least likely to wind up with a career that had anything remotely related to computers. She even got a 'D' in typing class!

Teajai quickly learned that company owners wanted more than just a nice website, they wanted to know about search engines and achieving high rankings. In 2005, the company had grown to 12 employees and evolved into Advanced Advanced Web Strategies LogoWeb Strategies, a company that focused even more efforts in the area of internet marketing and web design as a part of marketing online. In 2007, based on a strong desire to work closely with a small group of clients who wanted to be more aggressive in their approach to marketing, Teajai sold Advanced Web Strategies.

Today we work closely with a small group of clients across the United States. We've even worked with companies in Mexico & Canada. The results we obtain for clients are real and measurable. Ideas That WorkOur ideas are unique to each client and we learn as much from them as they do from us! And in 2012, we incorporated under the name "The Internet Idea Girl Inc."

Our future is bright! Teajai, and Chris are excited about working with our clients because there is never a dull moment, every day presents the opportunity for growth and creativity. With the constant evolution of the internet, our ability to adapt to changing technologies and the fun we have at work -- we're ready to embrace the challenges our future holds.


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